Savandurga Trek

Savandurga Trek - 12th Sept 2009 (1 day)

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Left - Savandurga covered with mist ; Right - Our team at the summit (Bilibetta, Savandurga)

Well, yet another trip to Savandurga. This time, it was with friends I met on the trip to skandagiri - amruth, anil, ganesh and his friends, Dhiraj and Sagarika.

The time to report at Blore City Railway Station was 7:00am and I was there in time. It was drizzling and it rained the previous night so I was sacred about getting permission and also about the trekking difficulty but to our very good luck, it didn't rain at Savandurga. Marathalli was the first pickup point where Ganesh and his friends took the vehicle. Then after a pickup at HAL and HSR layout the vehicle came to majestic at 7:15am. I had asked Amruth and Anil to come to majestic at 7:00am. We met and then boarded the start of my trekking trip. After picking up Dhiraj from Prasanna theatre, we went to Indraprasta hotel (It is a very posh place in vijaynagar). After breakfast, a plate of idly and tea, which is the most common south Indian breakfast, we left the hotel at about 8:15am. On the way we had to parcel food for afternoon, alas we didn't know that if informed earlier, food could be arranged at Savandurga itself. Anyways, after packing up food for afternoon we were off to Savandurga. We took Magadi road to get there. After a small break we reached the forest park at the foothill of Savandurga (Bilibetta).

There was a little problem to get permission to get inside. Normally the entrance fee to get into the park is 25rs per person. That we had to pay, however since we didnt' hav permission from Forest Dept.Ramanagaram, We had to pay 125rs extra. That's that, we were in. After a brief and a very very sad Briefing by me, we started the trek. Why should it have happend, I do not know, but Sagarika, Dhiraj and I had forgotton the route which has to be taken to start the trek. Some confusion and some moving about a little, we found the place (I remembered!! Thanks to the boulder with watertank on top of it.)

We started the trek at 10:10am. At places we had to check for the route. In the beginning we went to the right of the fort wall which is not the route. So after backtracking for about 5 mins, we were on our way up. Some obstacles, dead ends, caves, thorns and a lot of grass and plants among other things. We reached the top at 11:50am. We took rest there. Had lunch, ghee rice which we had packed earlier. After lunch and a little more time relaxing, we started the descent at 1:40pm. Coming down although is bound to be a little difficult, it was fine as the water on the rocks had dried up. On the way up, we had trouble due to slippery rocks. Reached the base camp at 2:30pm.

After a very short debrief session we decided to go to the other peak (karibetta). So off again, on the way to the base of karibetta. It was just about 5 min drive. After cooling off by having tender coconut - trek time again :). Started the trek of Karibetta at 3:30pm. After a while, Amruth and Anil's shoe was torn - the sole had come out. So they returned to the vehicle. Even Ravi didn't come. We all with excitment we started climbing up. We missed an arrorw and went up by a little slopy stretch. Since the mountain face was dry, there wasn't much problem to climb up. Dhiraj had smoked out, so as the rule goes - "No one leaves back a person alone", I stayed back with him and the others went up. They came back where Dhiraj and I were waiting at about 5:30pm. They conquered both the peaks. Hurray!!. Well, after this nothing much, we made our way down. We did meet another person on his way up and was advised not to continue as there was a long way up and the sun was about to set. So he joined us on the way down. We reached the foothill at 6:30pm.

After some rest, thatte idly and tea in the house behind the temple, we left on our return journey to Bangalore. After a good debrieffing (hopefully a good trek), I reached home at 8:45pm.

Overall an awsome trip.

Some Pointers:

> To Trek the bilibetta peak of the Savandurga, permission is required which can be acquired from Ramnagaram - Forest Dept.

> The route to the foot hill (Start) of the trek - Walk straight -> Take Right into the gate -> On your left there should be boulder with water tank on top of it. -> Walk towards your right -> Climb the steps -> The 1st dwaraka is present -> GrassyPaddy field -> Start trek (There are some steps cut out in the rock).

> Always keep to the left of the wall in case of trekking bilibetta!

> For Karibetta -> Follow the arrows which will take you on the right of the electirc poles (easy route). -> Left of electric poles (difficult route). For general trekking please follow the arrows! Get back before sunset or carry a torch.

For food (lunch, breakfast) at Savandurga contact: (Prior order to be given)

Prasanna - 9611910328

(House behind the temple at foot of Karibetta)

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