Sunol Wilderness - Flag hill loop hike

Date: 13 April 2013

Difficulty: Easy

No. of days: 1/4th day.

Distance: 5 miles

This was a simple morning walk hike in the Sunol Wilderness region.

Four of us (I, Abhinava, Diana and Vijaya) wanted to hit the trail before mid-day sun. Even after waking up as early as 5:20am, we still ended up reaching the hike starting point at 8:35am. The hike distance in itself is very small (around 5 miles) but the view from the top is worth the climb and effort. We started at 8:40ish and reached the top at about 10:15am. After taking a long break and enjoying the view from top along with a session of photography, we started towards another loop trail. There were some beautiful flowers along the way. The decent down to the valley and back to the top of the mountain was fun. We then took the flag hill loop trail back to the parking lot. What followed was a wonderful lunch at Chipotle. Sunol wilderness is in fact a very nice place to visit and walk on a relatively cool day.