Uwharrie National Forest Camping Trip

No. of days: 1 day

Date: 11th Nov 2011

Uwharrie National Forest

Uwharrie National Forest - The Woods Uwharrie National Forest - The Woods

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Day 1: We (4 of us) were supposed to go on this 18mile Uwharrie National Forest hiking trip, but finally It became just the two of us (Chris and me). I left home and went to the gym to meet up with Chris. We were on our way by 12:35pm. We reached the wrong place (Yates place) which is a camping place and this cuts across the Uwharrie and the Dutch John trail. So this itself made the loop half the distance.

We started there and hiked for about 1.45hrs (3:00pm to 4:45pm). We decided to set up camp and collect firewood. It must have been about 2-3miles into the forest. We had a fire going (after some trouble), and had warmth for good amount of time.

After dinner, and a relaxing seat next to the fire, at about 7:30pm we decided to go to sleep. Oh yeah, before reaching the place where we camped.. we wandered off trail and again go back on it :-D. The night was cold and my sleeping bad didn’t actually insulate me well. I did get a couple of disturbed hours of sleep. Day2: We got up, packed the tent, had breakfast (bagel and an apple) and walked for a while leaving the backpacks at the campsite. We got back to the camp site and headed back to the car. I reached home by noon. Although we planned to do the 20mile Uwharrie trail loop, we ended up making this more of a camping trip than a hike/trek. It was fun. (Lesson learnt – got to get to the right trail head first:-P)

Info :

Best time to visit: They say winter (no bugs and not very hot) - it was pricking cold.. :-D I feel the best time is Fall (just after summer and when the colors can be seen)

Trails: Uwharrie National Forest Trail (20miles), There are other trails too.

Difficulty: Easy

Other activities: None. (Backpacking/camping only)

Gradient: Almost flat trek. Trail marked by white or orange paint.. (i know, trail - marked.. )