Kaiwara Trip/Trek

Biking Trip to Kaiwara

Bikes: Pulsar and HH

No. of days: 1 day

Picasa Web Album Link: here

I'm writing this here cause there's some amazing bouldering spots and climbing faces. Just awesome for a weekend getaway. Me, Vignesh and Raja left Bangalore at 9:30am. We hit devanahalli road in no time cause of the day being a sunday. Ripped towards Kaiwara. We reached a nice serene road leading to H-Cross (On the way to Hoskote from the devanahalli route). Nice nilgiri trees covered both the sides of the road. We spent a couple of minutes there and then headed off towards Kaiwara. On the way ( After H-Cross and before S-Cross) we found a small hillock very nicely tucked on the side by nature. We thought of having fun there.

After some simple climbing, we reached the top. Took a couple of minutes rest and then started towards Kaiwara. (Raja having been there already was our tour guide and trip adviser). We had our lunch at 1:30 in "Guru Dhaba" and then headed out to the ashram. After Ashram, we took on the "Lonely hill" duno if its named by Raja or it's its actual name. Before that we went to the see the lone standing boulder which looked like a diamond rock from far. Started trek/climb at 4:15pm. We reached the top at 5:00pm. 15mins break and we climbed down to the road. Took our bikes, hogged a lot of chat and coke. Then we went to this Emu farm which was pretty surprising for me. My first reaction was 'Emu and in Bangalore":D :D .. We were a lil late to reach the "kailash Giri" temple. It was closed, nevertheless we went up to the entrance and came down. Some other eventful things happened like we were low on petrol and our great person looking the bike key.. :) We had dinner at Mc Donalds and I reached home at 11:00pm :) A wonderful Sunday. Main Attractions: Bouldering in and around KaiwaraOne day trekking/outing: Elephant hill (2hrs)

Getting there: Bus going to kolar.

By road: Bangalore -> Devanahalli -> Right towards Chintamani/Kaiwara -> H-Cross -> left to Kaiwara -> S-Cross(Kaiwara).