Alamere Falls Hike

Date: 19th May 2013

Distance: 8.6miles

Difficulty: Easy

No. of days: ½ day

Picasa Web Album link: here

It’s been ages since I went on this particular hike and I never got to write about it, partly because it was indeed a very strange trip. We were 7 people. We were supposed to take a mini van but then ended up going in two cars. Leaving at 7:30am in the morning was the plan but it somehow became 8am by the time we were on road towards the Palomarin Trail head, which is located in the Point Reyes National Seashore area. The famous race “Bay-to-breakers” race was happening the same day in San Francisco, so I decided to take the 880N, 580W, 101S and CA-1 route to Point Reyes.

We reached the trail head at 10:00am without having had anything to eat. After joining with folks from the other car, we started the hike at 10:15am. Do note that I’m writing this particular hike treklog after a long gap and I may not be accurate on the time information that I state here. Anyways, going ahead with the hike, we took the coastal trail along

the cliff that overlooked the ocean. The views and vista’s that the trail offered are pretty unique and very magnificent. The walk along the sea at an elevated height on the cliff was as if walking towards the end of land (land’s end). The costal trail continues all the way outside Point Reyes park area. On the way, we passed the Bass lake and then the Pelican lake. They were inviting to look. Only if I knew to float like for ever, I’d have jumped into the lake for sure. The Alamere Falls trail is a branch off the Costal Trail. It is a less maintained path that is much better than any trek path that you can consider back in the Western Ghats. This path was filled with bushes and thorns. Luckily the trail was pretty much covered. The exciting feeling that you get when you reach the end of the

trail is just amazing. The trail opens up to a spectacular view of the falls and the ocean. There’s a little scrambling involved (climbing down gravel – pretty easy if you do it right) and then you are at the beach witnessing one of a kind landscape – waterfalls emptying down into the see – fresh water mixing with the salt water, a truly amazing sight. We were back at the trailhead at 5:00pm and then pushed our luck to drive about 30miles further to the lighthouse. It was worth the visit but the stairs that lead to the lighthouse was closed for public. After a wonderful day hiking, we returned home by 8-8:30. Oh now no, it was 9 when we got to south bay. We stopped in Marin County for dinner. :-D This Costal trail really calls for a full 2-3 day backpacking trip that I intend to do one of these days.