Savanadurga Trek

This is my first trek which I went with my college friends arranged by my College (Engineering). I know I realized the goodness of trekking and mountaineering very very later but i say "Late is better than Never".

So for this trip obviously I was very eager to "do it". Luckly the bus to Savanadurga although it started from college it passed from near my house and i had decided to board it near Prasanna theater. My dad came to drop me ( frist time you see). While waiting for the bus I was joined by another person. On talking to him i learnt that he was the Lead Instructor and he had experience of 10 yrs in mountaineering and had visited the Himalayan Base camp a couple of times. I was reassured of being very very safe in his company. Our instructor was Ms. Suma who "was" sports coordinator for my college.

I boarded the bus at about 8:00am. I had finished with my breakfast at home since i didn't know about arrangements made by college. We set of on the journey to Savanadurga.

My classmates - Akshay, Abhinav, Bharath V, PPT, Prasad T.V, Abhishak Arora(can you believe it), Nandeesh and a lot of others also came on the trek. We were about 25 members in total. We reached Savanadurga by about 10:00 am and breakfast was served. Since i'd already done breakfast i didnt' eat much. I had to fill water bottles in the beginning itself as i had alredy finished half of the bottle on the way.

After breakfast there, we started the trek to the peak. We took the (1st route), it's the easiest one in savanadurga- there are 3 totally. On the way up I had great fun - the calm and peaceful nature. Obviously we all clicked a lot of photographs. We reached the top at about 11:45am. After resting for a while and enjoying the awsome scene from the top, we started the descent at about 12:45- 1:00 pm. After coming down, at about 2:30 we finished lunch and then hed to the "rapelling" area which is just after a small lake there. It's a nice place to learn the basics of Rapelling. The cliff is about 30feet - 2 to 3 floors high. We learnt the basics of Rapelling and each of us got only one go at it :(. After rapelling, since we were about 25 people it took till 6pm to finish, we all head back to the bus and then left to Bangalore.

We reached Bangalore at about 8:00 or 9:00 pm.

It was truly an awsome and a very very superb experience and this is what made me like trekking and go for more fo such trips. To say it "Kindled the joy and enthusiasm to trek and rock climbing".

Link to photographs :

Directions to reach Savanadurga: Take magadi road till magadi town and then take road (right) to ramanagaram.

Check link :

Permission: Permission required.

Best time to leave for trekking : about 7 am.

There are 3 routes up(trekking). Only 2 are allowed. The 3rd involves vertical climb with multiple pitches.

We get busses also to reach upto savanadurga ( a main road) from where you have walk for about 2 kms to reach the place.