Bungee Jump - CA

Bridge Jump with head dip (near - Sxxxxx)

Date: 21th July 2013

Duration: ½ day including travel and jump

Club: BungeeAdventures

Picasa Web Album link: here

I bungee jumped ages ago when I was back in Bangalore. The first and previous jump was from a crane that lifted up a platform. I’ve always wanted to jump off a bridge with a river running underneath the bridge. Finally, I jumped off a bridge yesterday.

My roommates (Shyam, Rajath,Vikas) and I along with Spoorthi, decided to go Bungee jumping on Wednesday as a new adventure for Rajath’s birthday. All I wanted was an ignition event. This just triggered it and quickly I checked online for bungeeAdventures. I also knew of them from Manish, another friend of mine. I contacted John right away and we were lucky enough to find open slots for Sunday – the 21th of July. All in, quickly I checked with Spoo (aka Spoorthi) and everyone else. Booked the slots ASAP and we were ready jump J My roommates had sky jumped before but for Spoo, this must have been the scariest sport she had agreed to try. So the week goes by asusual – work and home. On Saturday, after a lot of procrastination, I finally decided to go to CalSail for my second Wind Surfing lesson thanks to a nudge from Anitha on whatsapp J. After a good 2 hrs in the water, I visited my cousin and niece. Got back home at 12:00am (Sunday). I got a quick 6 hrs of sleep and was up ready for the to be awesome adventure. We had breakfast at home, picked Spoo up, filled up the car tank with gas and rode away towards Yosemite (place undisclosed). We reached Starbucks and waited for John. I was later informed that John wasn’t going to be making it. Instead we met up with the two experienced bungee jumpers – Edwin and Issac who were going to be our mentors and guides for the day. At 11:00am sharp Issac and Edwin came over. I also got to meet some wonderful fellow jumpers/soon to be friends from Belgium.

We got to the “secret” place (bridge) for the jump. We went down to the river and had a pep talk with instructions and jump order. Things were absolute fun and as professional as it could be with Safety being the utmost important factor. Our jump instructors got the gear ready and then we went started jumps. A new thing to me was pulling the person back up to the bridge after the jump. That was even more fun! J Shyam was the lucky one to go first in our group followed by Spoo. Rajath and Vikas went next after which it was my turn.

(Geronimo!!! without parachute )

I felt pretty comfortable and confident getting strapped in. I knew enough to trust my gear. In no time I was up and over the rails. All ready to jump, now I felt the memories come back of how I felt when I jumped for the first time. This time however, it was completely different. I wanted to jump off and not just lean out. I somehow managed to do it I guess and within seconds, I hit the water, was submerged for a second or two and then the recoil kicked in. I was back up in the air and was happily waiving to the people up on the bridge (I must have got some good pics). Falling headfirst front with ankle harness is the way to go.

After all the jumps, we took a nice peaceful dip in the river below. We drove back to San Carlos for a very nice dinner at Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It was a wonderful weekend and has been scribed into my memory.