Pacifica Beach walk/hike

Sharp Beach to Pacifica Beach Trail

Distance: ~7 miles out and back (3.4 miles one way)

Duration: 4hours

Date: 8 December 2013

Difficulty: Very Easy

Trail: Start from sharp beach -> walk south along the coastline. (As close to the water as possible) -> Mori point -> Pacifica beach

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A much-needed break from continuous work of over 2 days, this hike/walk along the beach was just what my body required. Beaches seem to have a very soothing effect on both body and mind. My decision to take this hike break was spontaneous and I’m extremely happy that I did.

This time the group of enthusiastic hikers was Keerthi, Sathya, Suhas, Pradeep, Nileema, Deepa and I. I need to stress on enthusiastic because of two things, one we were to start early at 8:00am and second, this particular Sunday had the lowest temperatures in terms of weather during the entire week. I normally wouldn’t write a city walk here but this one is I suppose an exception mainly because of the beauty that was presented to us by mother Nature along with a clear day. Also because this one I would like to remember. J

We reached sharp beach at 9:40am and started the hike at 10am. The weather was pretty cold and I had to wear two layers to stay warm. We hiked along the beach watching the golf ground go by us on our left before reaching a small hill which had steps to get up and over to the other side. After some obvious monkeying around with trees, we reached the top of that hill. That is where I saw the first signage of trails. This was Mori point at more than 600ft from the sea. There was a small use trail leading down to the steep and shear rocks at the bottom of the hill. Climbing down about 200 feet, I came to a point where a chain was anchored which I believe is to be used to get down to the water. I went down a couple of feet to see and what I saw was a vertical down climb of about 20 feet. I would have really loved to venture down but I did not completely trust the chains and did not also want to risk it without any equipment.

(Thanks to Keerthi for these pictures)

The view from Mori point is I suppose a very nice one. Everywhere along CA-1 and the trails around there – Pt. Reyes, Big Sur, Pacifica, all of them are extremely beautiful and I consider myself unfair if I say one point looks beautiful than the other. So I shall leave that to hiker discretion: :-D Ok, now back to the hike. We continued towards Pacifica state beach. A couple of switchbacks also was part of the trail. It was fun going along the water. We reached Pacifica beach at 12:50pm. You could expect what one would do at a beach so I won’t go explaining that.

We headed out at 1:50pm and reached Sharp beach at 3pm. A very nice lunch at a Thai place and we were back home by 4:30pm.