Paragliding at Pawana

Paragliding - P1 Course

Pawana, Kamshet - Pune

22-24 April 2011 (3 Days)

School/Club: Temple Pilots

When I almost gave up on finding a good club to learn paragliding in India, my friend, Brijesh's profile on facebook was where I found out about TemplePilots (TP). Quick chat with him and then with the club, I booked my training dates for the easter weekend. My dad along with my friend from work joined me for the training. My dad and I took the Airawath (KSRTC volvo) to pune on thursday night. We reached pune friday morning. Took a bus to Pune Jn. rly station, took a local train to Talegaon (34 kms from Pune). Reporting time was 12:30pm.We reached talegaon and took an auto to "Lake Paradise" HQ for TP. We reached at 12:45pm. After a brief intro, lunch and briefing about paragliding, course structure and 1st day activites by Avi (CFI), we left to the paragliding site "pawana". The site overlooks a beautiful scenic lake and hills outlines the entire panorama. The 1st day is all about knowing the glider, equipment handling, ground handling - inflation, deflation and control. It was a very tiring day. Exercise started at 1600hrs and went upto 1845hrs. We did some physically demanding exercises. At the end of the day, the hard work was rewarded with a very nice view of the sunset across the lake. The shimmering light on the water is just heavenly to experience. A debrief session and then we were on our way back to Lake Paradise. ( I left out the detail of taking a glider from TP and using it.. Fully practical exercises )We reached Lake Paradise after celebrating Ganpath's birthday in Rangoli (hotel). Had a very nice hot dinner cooked by kaka there. After some chit-chat I went to sleep. Next day (day 2) started with a theory session at 1130hrs where the technicalities of flying, paraglider behaviour and aerodynamics were explained by Parshu. At 1430hrs, asusual we left to the flying site. 2nd day was hops and landings. Good inflation, take-off , steering the paraglider in the air and a smooth landing was the task of the day. After an attempt I got a good hang of it. TJ cleared 5 of us for our first solo flight. The five of us went up to the launch site. Having geared up for the flight (Harness, canopy, preflight checks) I was ready to FLY. Avi briefed the flight and raido checks were done. Avi was to instruct me half way on the radio after which TJ would take over. I had a smooth take-off (good inflation) and I WAS FLYING!!.. Had a very smooth flight. I somehow forgot to sit into the harness. After TJ's instruction to sit back , i tried but was a lil too tight to fit in. Avi pointed it out during take-off, i didn't loosen it enuf. :( . Anyways, had a great landing thanks to the clear instructions given by TJ. That was my first SOLO flight. Dad wasn't cleared for the flight on the 2nd day but was to fly the 3rd day. Flight time: 1min 34sec. Take off time: 1755hrs.

The next day, at 1130 hrs the "dreaded" exam was given. :P It was easy and good. After the exams and lunch, we left to the flying site asusual at 1430hrs. Reached the site at 1545hrs. The winds were ghusty. Must have been about 25kmph. A lil too much for us trainees to fly. We waited and waited for the wind to calm down. But unfortunately, nature had its own plans. Rain fell upon us and it was a wash out. My dad and I had booked our tickets back to Bangalore, so couldn't stay back another day. We will be planning another trip soon. Anyways, we reached home at 1400hrs. (25th April 2011)

:) The Team - Temple Pilots :)

My First solo flight (radio instructed): 23rd April 2011

Club: Temple Pilots