bandaje falls trek

Bandaje Trek 06/02/09(night) to 09/02/09(morning)

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During return journey from Hornadu to Bangalore

This is the first trek with KMA. I just became a Life member last week and found this trek on the schedule Mr. Vatsa gave me. Deciding to go for it I payed and got ready. It was a hurried packing experience as I only started to put stuff in the sack at about 6:30pm on friday. Bus was at 9:00pm (actually at 10:00pm). Reached the bus stand at 9:00pm exactly. I introduced myself to Pranav and Mr. Pradeep first. After some time Srikanth arrived.

We were waiting for some more people to join us. We boarded the bus at 10:00pm and left Bangalore. The night journey was pretty comfortable. We reached Dharmasthala at 5:45am. This was good (lucky) there was no traffic jam on the way in the ghats. Got down at Dharmasthala, without further adue, caught another bus to Ujire. Reached Ujire at about 6:15am. Sooner I guess. After some time (don't ask why) we took the Jeeps to Bandage village.

Upon reaching Bandaje village we all left our backpacks there and walked back to the restuarant nearby. We went down to a small dam to freshen up and also to brush our teeth. After that we came to the hotel where I had Upma (Uppit) - it was like sugar was completely mixed with it. Although very sweet it was a different taste altogether. After Tea, all of us walked back to the start of trek point where we had left our stuff.

Once the load sharing was over (ration which we had brought was disrtributed among all of us), we had the Briefing session. A small introduction and then we were off on the trek. This was at 9:40am. Not to make this a very big account but anyway a point to mention, 1st rest was at 10:15am. After a steep climb again rest at 10:30am. Then directly climbed up to the stream where we had lunch. This was at about 11:10am. Inbetween I took another break, I don't remember when though. At 12:20am after some enjoyment in the stream there (I got into the stream and had some fun. Filled up the water bottles.) we all left towards the GrassLands which was the immediate destination.

At 1:30pm we reached grasslands. Saw a snake on the way:) .Some photos obviously and then ate cucumber. Very very cool to consume cucumber. I was completely tired. Being almost in the front I got to sit for a lot of time there. 2:30pm we left to the waterfall - the main destination of today's trek. This climb was very very very difficult because of the steep ascent and the hot sun also contributed to the difficulty. After a lot of breaks for me, wherever I got some shade (very difficult to get in that area), reached the top at 3:50pm. Going down to the falls was tricky as the path was completely muddy. I reached the falls at 4:00pm exactly.

Can you guess what I did next? The obvious, got into the water for a full dip. A nice bath near the falls. There were large pockets of water and a decent enough flowing water with good force. As usual the water was very very cold. Once in the water it didn't hurt a lot. Ok, after that sat there for some time and left to the camp site which was about 10-15mins from there. All of us went to see the falls. This was a tricky feat. Srikanth and Mr. Pradeep took us by our foot one by one and we slowely apporached the end of the cliff and took a look at the magnificant waterfalls. This was at 4:50pm. Reached camp site at 6:00pm and foraged (collected is a better word as kuunya did all the cutting) wood for camp fire and cooking.

At about 8:00pm dinner was ready. I'd like to say .. Cooking was really tasty. Thanks to all who cooked :). We had lemon rice and Semia paiisa (thanks to Srikanth). Oh yeah tea also. After eating all went to a flat place with a lot of grass. All of us opened our sleeping mats and bags. Time to go to bed :) . This was at 8:30pm.

Day 2

Next day I woke up at 6:45am. Took some scenic photographs. Packing was over by 7:15am. Tejesh told us that he was going to go for a bath to a nearby falls down the river - b/w the camp site and the main falls. As I had already taken bath yesterday I had no intension of taking bath again. So I thought that i'd go to get some photographs. Took the Towel just in case I got down into the water. We left to this place at 8:00am. We were accompained by Mr. Pradeep, Anil, Bonda and Pranav. Once there you can guess, I too got into the water and I don't regret it even for a moment. I took a good bath and came out. Then for a photo, I again went it and this time did some meditation.

Tejas told that the main falls (Bandaje) would look really great at this time. So only him and me we moved ahead to the falls. He said we were supposed to reach the camp site for breakfast by 9:15am. Since it was already almost 9am we hurried towards the falls. Got to take some good photographs on the way. Once there saw the falls. It was magnificant because the sun was shining directly onto the mountains. Made our way back to the camp site quickly. Reached camp site at 9:35am. It is a little late I know, but it was worth it.

After breakfast, we started towards the kote. This was partially up hill and partially a levelled walk across the far open grass filled mountains. Left the camp at 10am. Reached Kote at 12:05pm. After photoshoot we rested for some time. Left Kote at 1:15pm. Trekked down to the Temple. This was b/w the coffee estates on both sides. The way down was stony and muddy. After some time there was kutcha road on which we had to walk for some time. Halted in the Temple at 2:00pm. Mixed everything left with us and Srikanth made a great recipe. After having food and filling the bottles from the temple well (not supposed according to the purohit there), we left to Sunsaale at 3:45pm.

This trek was just kutcha road and then for a long stretch pukka road. Reached the main road at 5:00pm exact and decided to wait for the others. All joined up at 5:40pm and we reached the bus stop at 5:45pm. Everyone had Tea/Coffee/Cocunut water there and then caught the bus to Hornadu at 6:00pm. Hornadu is 27km from Sunsaale. Kuunya left to his village from there. We all reached Hornadu at about 8:00pm I guess, I am not very sure. Went to the temple for dharshan and then for dinner (food) in the temple itself. After dinner we boarded the bus to Bangalore in Hornadu at 9:20pm. It was cold - the bus juourney back to Bangalore. We reached Bangalore at 5:40am (Monday) and I reached home at 5:50am. Left to college at 7:10am after bath and breakfast. :)

On the way to Bandaje falls 2nd day morning after taking bath in the falls. Only Me and Tejesh went in the morning.