Kalwarbetta trek

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Kalwarbetta from the base of the mountain

Kalwarbetta trek


This is my first trek with BMC (Bangalore Mountaineering Club). Pick up point was Symphony Theater on M.G.Road and reporting time was 7am "sharp". I reached there by 6:50am. I know it's cutting pretty close but I made it there before 7. Already there were many trekkers waiting in front of the theater. I introduced myself to Mr. Sandeep and group first.

Waiting and waiting for the bus to arrive at Symphony, it became 7:40am. "Trekking is supposed to be time disciplined".. BMC was late for pick up itself. Anyway, totally there were 34 trekkers including me going on this trek to "Kalwarbetta" which is about 5kms from "ChikkBallapur". Most of us boarded the bus at Symphony and the bus left. We had to wait for "somebody" for more than 30mins near Hebbal.

All aboard, we left to the destination at about 8:45am. We halted for breakfast at "Shanti Sagar" in ChikkaBalapur. This was at 10:00am. After breakfast we made to the destination at 11:00am. (I know very very "early").

After collecting the lunch packets we started the trek "without any intro, briefing, trek rules etc.". This was at about 12:10am. Some time later our coordinator was absconding. A local led the way up to some extent. Then we ourselves made our way up. The mountain looked very small and boring at first but walking up the mountain was pretty much a nice experience. Since there was no "front man" and "last man" we were all going up on our own accord. So Sagarika, I and Mr. Ganesh did some exploring and some photography. I got to do some bouldering and also found a "half chimney" not exactly a chimney but it was pretty nice to go up a boulder. Two boulders rested on each other producing a not very big gap. I used this to get up the boulder. I don't know why but Sagarika didn't get to come up, I guess since we were late (last in the group by then).

It was tiring to the end. I tried to finish the trek without water but had to take a sip at almost the top of the mountain (almost end of trek). We reached the top at 1:30pm (1hr 40 mins). As usual the satisfaction of climbing to the top of the mountain is great. We sat at a nice place on the top where winds blew very strongly. At about 2:00pm we had lunch ( Irony - there was a shortage of lunch packets. we all decided to share. at the end of it we had about 8 sets of packets left ). All of us came together as a team only at the top.

Had a nice photo session on top and then started the descent at about 3:15pm. On the way down we did some bouldering and some exploration (very small ones) but had fun. Reached the bottom at 5:10pm.

After fresh up (only water.. haha) we left Kalwarbetta at about 5:45pm. Stopped again for snacks and tea at the same place. Reached Bangalore at 8:10pm. I reached home at 9:10pm. We did have some fun in the bus during the return journey. Most of us sang:)...

The most memorable event in this trip is that Ananya made it to the top. Her parents and their group made it up to the top. She is 3yrs old. That's great talent.

Overall it was a nice trip. A new place as this was my first time at Kalwarbetta. Good place to trek .

Best Time for trekking: Night Trek. Sunrise there is supposed to be really a great spectacle. That's for my next time.

No permission required and one can use own vehicle to get there.

Activity : Trekking and Bouldering

At the top of the mountaion. Whole group on a small house like structure.