Bungee Jump - Bangalore

I did "Bungee Jumping" if that's what people call jumping from a height with only a rope tied to your leg/body. It was super cool. The 5 to 10 secs of freefall that i experienced was really marvellous. The feeling that I had cannot be replaced by anything else.

It all started from AXN. I watch this "Who Dares Wins - Mic Whitney" and always wanted to try a bungee jump. AXN in collaboration with Xtreme Sports came to Bangalore and they had set up a huge crane - 150meters high in Palace Grounds. This was in 2004 when I was in 1st PUC. Dad was all for it but I had hard time convincing my mother that it's safe and even if something happens (which is infinetly impossible) it's worth the risk.

Dad came and picked me up from college. Mom by surpise accompanied me to Palace Grounds. Once we reached there at 5:30pm, (outside the ground) i was able to see the jumps taking place. It was really cool to evey see that. Once inside I went to the registration desk. That time the cost was Rs. 750 per person per jump. I paid up but they asked me to call my dad for signing a document saying they are not responisible for any misfortunes :).

After that was done, it was time to wait for my turn. I was so very pumped up with adrenaline that I wanted to really do it then and there without any adue. After hours and hours of waiting ( 3hrs to be precise) I got my chance - at 8:30pm. I got so bored waiting and waiting that I now wanted to get on with it and finish it once and for all. So i stepped into the "restricted section " :) . The bungee cord was tied to my leg and i was asked to step onto the lift that too me up. The cage (i feel better calling it a lift) was hoisted up using the big crane. On my way up the Instructor who had come from australia told me to lean back. Although i was harnassed and anchored to the cage it was scary to lean back away from the cage. Once the cage went up to the highest level, the "dude" told me to turn, my safety anchor was removed and he told me to face front i.e face the open and slowely lean front out of the cage. I didn't even jump!! Just a small LEAN of say 10 degress made the trick. Before even i knew what was going on i was falling to the ground. The gust of air blowing at my face and the speed/ acceleration at which i was nearing the land was really scary but the feeling was awsome. When i thought it was over, I was recoiled back into air and again fell back towards the ground. This took place for 3 times. then i became kinda still. I forgot to mention it earlier, it was in the night.

I was lowered down. Then came the photo session. Dad caught me on camera and i was helped down onto the ground. That's all......... Bungee jump

It's awsome people. It's a worth trying.........

Now I aspire of "Sky Diving" and "Hand Gliding".

Bungee jumps comes to Bangalore every 2 yrs i guess, i m not sure though...

In the night. Poor quality due to very bad scanner :(