Parasailing at Hoskote

Date: 06/12/2009

No of days: Half day

Picasa Web Album Link: here

This event was arranged for IBM employees, their friends and families. I was invited to this event by Brijesh. My dad and I started from home at 10:00am. We were supposed to leave much earlier but circumstances delayed our start. On the way we picked up Paneendra and then Revati at CMH Road junction on Old Madras Road. Finally we picked up Prasad from NGEF bus stop. We crossed Hoskote town at 11:20am. Still trying to find where exactly to take a left turn to reach the destination. After a lot of calls and direction guidance from Mr. Vinay and Brijesh, we made it to the place at 12:00pm. After a quick chat with Vinay and Brijesh, Dad got to go up first. Instructions were given to him and he finished his few minutes in the air. Then it was my turn. Thought of taking the video from the top. Tried but failed miserably. I spent more time taking precautions for the camera's safety.. It's a great feeling up in the air attached to the parachute. It would be awsome fun to do Sky diving some time. Anyways after my turn, Revati went up. She and dad went the highest from the ground. After Revati, Prasad did it followed by Paneendra Reddy. After a few other people, we bid goodbye to all there and started the journey back home.

After having lunch at an Upahar hotel on the way, we dropped off Prasad, Pani and Revati. Reached home at 4pm.

Oh yeah, when we did overshoot we went about 20kms ahead and had to double back to hoskote..

Parasailing: Awsome fun. Very safe. It'll take about 20mins to finish it.

Place: Hoskote lake. Also can contact Venture adventure club at Jakkur.

Must do sometime in the future: Try parasailing over the sea/ocean.

P.S. Thanks to Brijesh for the invitation and Mr. Vinay for organizing this event.