Makalidurga Trek 2

Makalidurga Trek II

Date:25 Jun 2011

No. of Days: 1 day

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(DSLR pics also have been added .... ) - Edit 4th July 2011

After a quick decision to go to Makalidurga, we (Me, Amruth, Nikhil, Sagarika, Vanathi, Ganesh and Anil) started off towards Doddaballapur. We had breakfast at Doddaballapur at 9:30am (We left majestic late at about 8:30am). Packed food for the afternoon and left to Makalidurga.

The magnificent lake and the mountain facing it welcomed all of us. We ended up meeting a lot of folks there (Nature Admire Group). After a couple of minutes- briefing and stuff, we started the trek. Trek commenced at the railway crossing at 11:15pm. This time we decided to take the normal marked route to the top. We reached the top at about 1:15pm. This was mainly due to the loads of pictures taken by all of us. Nikhil, our expert photographer with his telescopic lens (150-500mm) + DSLR (Nikon) rocked the entire trek. He mainly is a Rail Fanner. He did get to shoot some good shots of the meandering track that lines the foot of the magnificent Makalidurga. On the way up, we did do some rock climbing.

Since there were a lot of people, we found a quite place on the top, had lunch and rested for a while. Later we started the decent at 2:30pm. We reached down very quickly. We were at our taxi by 3:15pm. Having ample amount of time, we decided to go to Nandi hills. Having reached Nandi hills at 4:30pm, we had a lot of time for sunset. We went to the famous tippu drop, nandi statue and played Frisbee for a while. Alas, the gods’ were angry with Nikhil. After trekking, climbing, Nikhil twisted his ankle when standing on the lawn (tripped on a stone.. I suppose that’s fate. Anyways, we carried him to the car and went back home J

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