Karadigudda Outing

No. of days: 0.5

Date: 01-January-2013

Picasa Link: Karadigudda trek

I planned to spend New Year outside the buzzing Bangalore city. We, a group of 5 people decided to go on a small outing/hike. The count fell to 3 due to the unavailability of a car. I decided not to cancel the plan the previous night – New Year eve and thus, we 3 (Akshay, Vignesh and I) planned to go ahead and explore this less known Karadigudda/Maribetta. Vignesh came home at 6:30am and the two of us started towards Kanakapura at 7am. Picked Akshay up at 8:30am at the 17km marker on the way to Kanakapura. Vignesh and I had a tasty breakfast at Adigas and then continued the smooth but butt-paining bike ride to Kanakapura.

We reached Kanakapura at 10:00am, packed lunch (mixed pulav) from Sagar and then it was time to ask people for help on directions. After some searching, we reached a kuccha road (mud road). One advantage/disadvantage of bike was that we were able to ride it very close to the mountain (Karadigudda). We parked at a place after which getting the bike to go further was not possible or felt difficult. The Karadigudda turned out to be a very low hill rather than a mountain. It was still very nice due to the fact that there weren’t anybody else around. We could see waste land turned into agricultural lands all over the place. This Karadigudda is very nice for bouldering. There are a few good boulders and chimney’s here. We spent some time at a nearby boulder and then headed up to the peak. Being a small hill, there was no route/path as such. We just had to navigate through the bushes and the thorns. Once at the top, the view was soothing to the soul and very peaceful. We spent about an hour at the top and then made our way back down to the bike. We had the lunch packets that we parceled and headed back home.

It was indeed a nice peaceful outing on the 1st of Jan 2013.

Picasa Link: Karadigudda trek

Trek Info:

Place: Karadigudda (ask for this) aka Maribetta

(*Note: We might have gone to the wrong hill/mountain :P)

Route: Bangalore -> Kanakapura -> Continue on the same road -> Take left on kuccha road that seem to head towards the hills.

Trek type: Family walk :-D Good place to just relax during sunset or a night trek would be good.

Time to visit: Night trek

Permission: Not required

Parking: At your own risk, where ever you want.

Distance: 65kms from Bangalore, 5kms from Kanakpura