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Nature in grandeur.
Note: Pics taken by "Arun Sriraman". Please do not distribute without author's consent. 
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View from Yercaud peak
View from the peak of the Yercaud park (Apr, 2006)
"A leap of imagination - Nature getting up to fight back"

 Abailu trek - Nagarhole National Park, India (Jan, 2009)
"Dancing light - catch me if you can

Antaragange, Kolar, India (Jan, 2009)

 Abailu Trek - Nagarhole National Park, India (Jan, 2009)
"A peak into the sunset - Sky lit gold for the occasion"

Barachukki Falls,Shivanasamurda, India (Jan, 2008)
"I flow constantly to provide you this beauty"

Bandajje Arbi - In the morning. (Feb 2009)
"Glow of the light enriching the falls head"